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Call for Master Thesis

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  1. Risk-targeted design of a building

    Eurocode 8 oversimplifies the check for damage limitation requirement. It is considered that this requirement is satisfied if the inter-storey drift is limited in the case of a seismic action which has a larger probability of occurrence than the design seismic action. The objective of the thesis is to develop a risk-targeted performance objective for damage limitation, and to apply the proposed procedure to a building which has been conceptually designed at the Faculty of Architecture by Prof. Jurij Sadar and co-authors.

  2. Risk-targeted design of a bridge

    Standards for the earthquake-resistant design of structures assume that the reliability of structures designed according to linear elastic analysis in conjunction with capacity design approach is adequate although they do not define what is meant by the term adequate reliability. The objective of the thesis is to design a bridge for a target collapse risk by using the methods developed within the Smart Engineering project.

  3. Calibration of design parameters for new structural system JUBHome

    Several new structural systems, which are aimed to be used in seismic regions, emerged recently. JUBHome is one of such a structural system. It consists of EPS building blocks, which serves as concrete formwork and provide thermal insulation for a building. Although the system is designed as lightly reinforced concrete wall, in order to be in compliance with Eurocode 8, there is no practical experience regarding the seismic behaviour of such structural system. Therefore it is important to calibrate the design parameters of new structural system. Risk-based design procedures developed within Smart Engineering project offer insight into the relationship between target risks, design seismic action and engineering demand parameters. As such it can be used to calibrate design parameters for new structural system in conjunction with experiments which are aimed to establish load bearing and deformation capacity of structural components. The objective of the thesis is evaluation of results of experimental campaign and calibration of the design parameters of the JUBHome system in order to harmonize it with Eurocode 8.