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3R method

  • Response analysis, Record selection, Risk-based decision makings
  • Realization of concept of Intensity-based assessment for risk-targeted decision making

CGM webapp

  • Online application for selection of Characteristic Ground Motions
  • Database contains > 18.000 ground motions


  • Online application for calculation of risk-targeted seismic intensities and behaviour factor

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2017-11.JanMatjaž Dolšek organized and chaired Special Session Risk-informed Earthquake Engineering: A key component for planning earthquake resilient community, 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile.
2017-11.JanMatjaž Dolšek and Jure Žižmond presented paper The formulation of risk-targeted behaviour factor and its application to reinforced concrete buildings, 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chile.
2016-20.OctŽiga Šebenik, Jure Žižmond and Matjaž Dolšek launched a beta version of the web application for the selection of characteristic ground motions.
2016-28.JunMatjaž Dolšek talked about 'Design of structures for target risk using nonlinear analysis' at 16th U.S.-Japan-New Zealand Workshop, Nara - Japan.
2016-24.JunMirko Kosič and Žiga Šebenik presented some activities and developed applications as a result of this project titled: 'Design of structures for tolerable seismic risk using non-linear methods of analysis' at the '42nd Risk, Hazard & Uncertainty Workshop', Greece.